Library Staff

Laura Koons

Director: 2014-present

Library Clerk: 2013

Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian: 2015-present

Library Clerk: 2014

Irene Pfannkuch

Library Clerk: 2017-present

Library Board

The Manson Public Library Board of Trustees play a vital role in the development of the City's community library. Each board member is appointed by the City Council either to a year term or to fill a vacancy. We welcome the community's suggestions and comments. You can email the library board at

The board advises on matters that relate to library services, policies, and funding. Members are asked to uphold the right of all citizens to full access to information and to participate in long-range planning for library services. Contact a current board member if you are interested in attending a board meeting.

 Pam Chizek

Pam Chizek

2nd Term            Expires: 6/30/22

President Term   Expires: 6/30/18


Julie Siepker

1st Term                      Expires: 6/30/18

Vice President Term    Expires: 6/30/18

Janet Folden

Janet Folden

2nd Term            Expires: 6/30/20

Secretary Term   Expires: 6/30/18

100 3535    

Charles McGregor

1st Term    Expires: 6/30/20

Donna Zehr

Fulfilling Vacancy Expires: 6/30/18

Kym Sutter

3rd Term    Expires: 6/30/20
Rich Insko

Rich Insko

1st Term   Expires: 6/30/22