A is for Alligators

A new session of story hour has begun! We had an amazing turn out of 20 children and 9 adults. This years session is all about the alphabet. Each week we will look at one letter of the alphabet. This weeks letter was the letter A.  Our first story today was

Egad Alligator by Harriet Ziefert This book is about a little alligator who goes off on an adventure to find someone to talk to, but everyone seems to be afraid of him. After our first story, we practiced our counting with a rhyme called five little alligators. The children did an excellent job helping me count to five. Our next story was

The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli This story is about a crocodile who swallows a watermelon seed and becomes worried about what might happen. Everyone enjoyed this book and had a good laugh when the crocodile burped up the seed. Next we sang Monkeys and the Alligator by Dr. Jean & Friends. We had to sing this song twice because it was so much fun! The children really got into the "chomping" the second time trough. Our last story today was

There's An Alligator under My Bed by Mercer Mayer A little boy has an alligator under his bed, but every time his parents look it disappears. So, the boy sets up a trail of food to the garage to lead the alligator out from under his bed.  We ended our time together with a craft. The children turned the letter A into an Alligator.