E is for Elephants

We had 27 children and 11 adults attend story hour this morning. Today we learned all about elephants. Our first story was

Seven Blind Mice by Ed Young In this story each mouse goes to explore the strange new thing that has appeared at their pond. Each mouse comes back with a different thought on what it is. Except for the last mouse, who explores every part of the new thing and declares it to be an elephant. After the story we sang "This is the way Elephant style." We stomped, swung our trunks, wiggled our ears, and swished our tails like an elephant. Our next story was

Just a Little Bit by Ann Tompert In this story elephant really wants to play on the seesaw with mouse, but they can't seem to get him of the ground. Many animals join mouse to help get elephant off the ground. How many animals did it take? You'll have to read the story and find out. After the story I told a finger rhyme called "Two Little Elephants." Instead of reading another story today I did a puppet show.

The puppet show is about a monkey who is afraid of elephants. Another monkey explains all about elephants and that we should have no reason to fear them. However, monkey is still afraid and runs away when an elephant appears. The elephant turns out to be afraid of monkeys! The puppet show went over pretty well with the kids. Next was our craft. We turned the letter E into an elephant. Next week is M is for Mice.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian