Everything Green

Twelve children and six adults braved the cold weather and came to story hour this morning. I started by asking them if they knew what made this Friday special. The moms helped out but we got an answer. St. Patrick's Day! We then dived into our first book

Little Green by Keith Baker A little boy watches a green hummingbird outside his window and paints its many different movements. After the story we talked about different things that a green. This is what we came up with: grass, peas, green beans, frogs, turtles, asparagus, broccoli, alligators, a noodle on our name tags, the shirt a boy was wearing, and the next book. I then talked about how there are many different kinds of green. Which led into our next book

Green by Laura Seeger This book looks at the many different shades of the color green.  After the story I did an experiment called the "Power of Green." I had two glasses filled with water. To one of the glasses I add green food coloring and salt ahead of time. I put a hard boiled egg in the plain water and we observed how it sank to the bottom of the glass. Then I put the egg in the green water and the egg floated at the top! I then explained that I had tricked them. I explained that it was the salt in the glass that made the egg float not that the water was green. Our last story today was

The Night Before St. Patrick's Day by Natasha Wing This book is about two children who set up a bunch of traps in hopes of catching a leprechaun. On the morning of St. Patrick's Day they catch a leprechaun! They force him to tell them where he buried his pot of gold. However, the leprechaun has the last laugh. Our craft today was to color leprechaun finger puppets.Next weeks theme is Nice Kitty.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian