We had 19 children and 8 adults brave the wind to come to story hour today. Our theme this week was F is for firemen. Our first story was

Dot the Firehouse Dog by Lisa Desmini Dot shows us what goes on at the fire station and what happens when there is a fire. After the story we sang "Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Fire Truck." We drove the fire truck, turned the corner, climbed the ladder, squirted the water, and drove slowly back to the fire station.

We had a Manson firefighter visit us today. Brandon showed us what he wears to a fire and talked to us about how dangerous fires can be. The kids learned to not be afraid of firemen and that they are there to help. Thank You Brandon for coming and sharing with us. We had time for one more book,

Fire Engine by Anne Rockwell This story showed us what a fire engine looks like and what equipment it has for putting out fires. After the story we headed to the tables to make our craft. We turned the letter F into a fireman. Next weeks theme is Halloween! The children are welcome to wear their costumes to story hour.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian