Today was our last story hour for this session. We had 11 children and 5 adults in attendance. To start we talked about what we like about flower, their smell and colors. Our first story today was

The Rose in My Garden by Arnold Lobel This story is a cumulative story, so by the end the children were able to read the last line along with me. After the story we sang a song called "The Gardner Plants the Seeds" to the tune of "The Farmer and the Dell." We pretended to plant the seeds, water the seeds, be the sun, and be the flower growing up out of the ground. Our next story was

Bumblebee Bumblebee Do You Know Me? by Anne Rockwell This story gives clues to different insects about what flower they are sharing the page with. After the story I repeated the rhyme "Picking Flowers" many times until every child had the chance to come up and "pick" a flower. Our last story for today was

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert This story is about a mother and child who plant a variety of flowers every year. When the flowers bloom they have a rainbow of flowers. Our craft today was to paint a sunflower picture. Until next time

Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian