We had 16 children and 7 adults at story hour today. Our theme was gardens. We shared some amusement over the fact that when we woke up this morning there was a layer of snow covering the ground and we were talking about gardens. Our first story today was

Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt by Kate Messner This story tells about what is happening in the garden and what is going on down in the ground during all the seasons. After the story we sang a song called "There's Something in My Garden." At a certain point in the song, I called on a child to make an animal noise for us to guess what was in the garden. However, there was some confusion on this and most often the child would say the animal name instead. So, I then would ask them what sound that animal made. We sang through the song several times giving different children a chances to make a sound. Our next story was

Too Many Hopkins by Tomie DePaola This story is about a family of rabbits. The children are all given jobs to do in the garden while their parents go to the store to get some seeds. However, they all try to do their jobs at the same time, which leads to a big mess. Will the Hopkins get their garden planted? After the story we sang "There's Something in My Garden" again so that every child that wanted to had a chance to make an animal noise. Then we went to the table to make the craft. Our craft today was to plant a garden. The children colored a wrap that said My Garden. When they were done coloring we taped the wrap around a cup of dirt. They then got to plant a few flower seeds. Next week is National Library Week, so we will be talking about libraries!

Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian