Today we learned where some animals and bugs go for the winter. We had 17 children and 8 adults attend story hour this morning. Our first story was

Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming Bear notices that winter is coming and tells snail. Which, sets off a chain of animals spreading the news that winter is coming. The word ends up getting back to bear who has already gone to sleep in her cave. After the story we pretended to be bears and sang a song. The children each got a colored bear to hold and when their color was called, they jumped up and said, "Here I am." Our next story was

I Don't Want to Sleep by Dev Petty This story is about a frog who doesn't want to hibernate because he will miss out on all the fun things about winter. After the song we recited a rhyme called "Winter Routines." The rhyme tells about what bears, geese, and rabbits do in the winter. Our last story today was

Not a Buzz to be Found by Linda Glaser This story is all about what happens to insects in the winter. Our craft today was to decorate a paper bag cave for our bears to sleep in. Next weeks theme is gingerbread cookies.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian