I is for Iceskating

Today was the first day back after breaking for the holidays. We had 12 children and 4 adults attend story hour.  Today's letter was the letter I. Our first story was

Toad Has Talent by Richard Smythe  As toad watches his friends perform in a talent show, he wishes he had a talent. After everyone has performed, someone realizes toad has not shown his talent. Toad steps up to say he doesn't have a talent when.....

After the story we sang "Sleeping Bunnies." The children pretended to be sleeping bunnies, until we told them to wake up and hop around. We sang through the song three times. They children really enjoyed this song and time to get some energy out. Our next story was

Bunnies on Ice by Johanna Wright This story is about a little bunny who believes she is a champion ice skater and everything that you have to do to be a champion ice skater. After the story I said a rhyme about ice cream. We explored eight different colors and flavors of ice cream. The children of course all had a favorite ice cream and all agreed our ice cream cone was the biggest they had ever seen, with eight scoops of ice cream! For our craft today we turned the letter I into an igloo. Next weeks theme is K is for Kings.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian