It's a Birthday Party!

We had 14 children and 8 adults attend our last story hour of this session. Today's theme was birthday's. We celebrated everyone's birthdays today! Our first story today was

The Birthday Fish by Dan Yaccario A little girl wishes for a pony for her birthday. But, she gets a goldfish instead. Will she learn to like her goldfish or set it free in the pond? After the story we did a birthday rhyme. Every month had a different action associated with it. First we saw if anyone had a birthday that month and then we all joined in on the action. Our next story was

It's My Birthday by Helen Oxenbury A little boy asks his animal friends for help in making a birthday cake. Once the cake is made they all gather together to share the cake and celebrate the boy's birthday. After the story we sang "Happy Birthday" of course! Our last story today was

Mouse's Birthday by Jane Yolen It's mouse's birthday and the farmer and animals come to help him celebrate in his tiny house. Will they all fit inside mouse's tiny house? To finish off our birthday celebration the kids got to decorate cupcakes! I hope to see every one back at the library this summer.