K is for Kings/Knights

We had 18 children and 7 adults brave the cold weather to come to story hour today. Our letter today was the letter K. Our first story was

The Kiss That Missed by David Melling This story is about a king who blows his son a kiss goodnight, but the kiss misses and goes out the window. The king sends his knight out after the kiss. The knight encounters many obstacles while chasing after the kiss. After the story we demonstrated different kinds of kisses. We had a lot of stored up energy still so we did some running in place, jumping, twirling, and dancing before settling down for the next story. For our next story I used the flannel board to help tell the story. The name of the story was

The King and His Wish The story is about a king who gets whatever he wishes. He calls to his servants and they get him what he wants. Until, he wishes to touch the moon. The kids helped me tell the story by saying "As you wish" and giving a little bow when the king would ask for something. After the story we ran, jumped, twirled, and danced again before heading to the tables to make our craft. Our craft today was turning the letter K into a King. Next weeks theme is L is for Library/Lion.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian