L is for Library

Twenty-one children and eight adults attended story hour this morning. Our letter today was the letter L. Our first story was

Lola at the Library by Anna McQuinn Lola loves going to the library with her mom on Tuesdays. Lola attends story time, checks out books, and reads them at bedtime. After the story, we did a flannel activity. I had different colored books on the board with a worm hiding behind one of them. The goal was to find the book with the worm behind it and of course I had one child guess the correct color right away! We steered away from that book and the kids guessed all the rest until we had the purple book left. Our next story was

Book! Book! Book! This story is about a group of farm animals that get bored when all the children head back to school. The animals wander into town and find a library. One by one they go into the library to see if there is something to do. None of the animals have any luck until the chicken goes into the library and says, Book! Book! Book!. The librarian finally understands and gives the chicken three books to read. After the story we sang "Old McDonald had a Farm." The children had fun making all the animal noises. We perhaps got a little too loud with our animal noises! Our last book today was

Lion & the Mouse by Jerry Pinkney This book is a wordless book, so each time we turned a page I had the children tell me what they saw and what was happening. After the story we headed to the tables to make our craft. Our craft today was turning the letter L into a Lion. Next weeks theme is N is for Night.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian