Letters X & Y

We had 21 children and 9 adults at story hour this morning. We combined two letters today to make up for the snow days that we had. We started with the letter X by reading

Xavier Ox's Xylophone Experiment by Barbara DeRubertis This story is about an ox who loves music, so his class helps him build a xylophone. After the story we did a short rhyme called "Red Fox, Red Fox." We then transitioned to the letter Y by reading

Goodnight Yoga by Mariam Gates This book introduces simple yoga poses that children can do to relax them for bedtime. After the story we tried out a few of the poses. To start I showed them how to make a half moon, cloud, star, bridge, and bee pose. We practiced them all together and then I played the song "Head, Shoulders, Yoga Pose." The children all did really well with each pose and I think they enjoyed it. Our last story for today was

Yes Day! by Amy Rosenthal This story is about Yes Day. When yes day occurs, whatever question you ask will be answered yes! What kind of things would you ask for? After the story, we headed to the tables to make our crafts. Since we had two letters today, the children got to make two crafts! We turned the letter X into a xylophone and glued yarn to the letter Y. Next week is our last story hour for this session and the last letter of the alphabet, letter Z.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian