Nice Kitty

Today's story hour was about cats. We had eleven children and seven adults attend. Most of the children decided they like both cats and dogs. Our first story today was

Mama Cat has Three Kittens by Denise Fleming In this story, two of mama cats kittens follow her around and do whatever she is doing. Her third kitten, Boris, naps. The children helped me read this story every time we came to the part where Boris napped. After the story we sang "The Three Little Kittens" with flannel board visuals.  Our next story was

Kitty Cat, Kitty Cat, Are you Waking Up? by Bill Martin This story is about a kitty who is getting up and ready for school, while mama cat tries to wait patiently. After the story we sang "Five Kittens in the Bed." Our next story was

There are Cats in this Book by Viviane Schwarz This is a very fun interactive book that kids all enjoyed. Our craft today was to color cat masks. We had fast colorers today so we had time for another book.

Castle full of Cats by Ruth Sanderson The Queen loves cats and has lots of them living with her in the castle. The King is not so fond of the cats because they take up all the attention of the Queen.  The King comes up with a solution, a dog. After the story we said our goodbye chant. Next weeks theme is "Over the Rainbow"


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian