Night Life

Oh my we had a rambunctious group today and a large one! We had 18 children and 11 adults. We started by naming some animals that are awake at night while we sleep. Our first story was

Good-Night Owl by Pat Hutchins Owl is trying to sleep but all the other birds are awake and making lots of noise. When night comes and all the other birds fall asleep. Owl stretches and lets out a loud screech waking all the other birds. After the story we revisited a song from our bat story hour called "Bats are Sleeping." We pretend to be bats hanging upside down sleeping. Until, the lights are turned off and we wake up and fly around. We sang this song a couple of times. Our next story was

Quiet Night by Marilyn Singer This is a story about some campers who are trying to sleep. The night time animals are awake and make such a racket, that they wake the campers. Instead of a quiet night, it is a noisy night! After the story we did a flannel activity. The children took turns "catching" a firefly and placing it in our jar.  Our last story was

The Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle A firefly goes in search of other fireflies. Along the way he see many different lights, but none of them are made by fireflies. Will he find his friends? Our craft today was to make a firefly. I had painted half of the craft stick with glow in the dark paint, so that they would glow like fireflies. Next weeks theme is Just Ducky.

Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian