Over the Rainbow

We had a large group today of 15 children and 8 adults. It was wonderful having so many children attend! Our theme today was "Over the Rainbow." We did "Open and Shut them" rhyme after our opening song to settle the children down for a story. Our first story was

What makes a Rainbow by Betty Schwartz This story explores the different colors that make up a rainbow. After the story we sang a song called "Little Raindrops Falling Down" to the tune of "London Bridges Falling Down."

Little Raindrops falling down, falling down (Pat knees)

Little Raindrops falling down

Falling to the ground

(Bigger - clap, Giant - stomp)

Our next story was

A Rainbow of my Own by Don Freeman This story is about a little boy and what he would do if he had his own rainbow to play with. After the story we sang "Hokey-Pokey" and used the rainbow ribbon dancers to help us with the actions. I wasn't sure how this would go since we had a lot of 1-2 year old, but it went really well. Of course we had our rights and lefts mixed up, but the point was to have fun and we did! Our last story was

Skyfire by Frank Asch Bear sees a rainbow for the first time and believes the sky is on fire. His friend bird sees the rainbow and wants to look for a pot of gold. Will bear put out the skyfire? Will bird find a pot of gold? Our craft today was to make a rainbow. We used small paper plated cut in half, streamers, and fiber fill to make our rainbows. Next weeks theme is Night Life.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian