We had twenty-three little owls come for story hour this morning. We started with a magnet activity, where I asked the children to identify different shapes. I then used those shapes to create an owl. Our first story today was

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell Three little owl babies woke up at night to find that their mom was gone. The three babies wait anxiously for their mother to return. After the story we pretended to be owls and did an owl hokey pokey. Our next book was

Good-Night Owl! by Pat Hutchins  It is daytime and owl is trying to sleep, but all the other birds in the tree are keeping him awake! After the story we again pretended to be Owls and sang "Just Like an Owl," to the tune of "London Bridges." Our last story today was

Little Hoot by Amy Rosenthal It's night time and little owl wants to go to bed. But, his parents won't let him because they are owls and owls must stay up late. We made owl masks for our craft today. Next weeks theme is SPIDERS!


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian