P is for Pig

Twenty children and 8 adults braved the icy weather to attend story hour this morning. Today's letter was the letter P. To start things off we recited "This little piggy" nursery rhyme using our hands instead of our toes. Our first story today was

Pigs in the house by Steven Kroll This story is about a farmer who accidentally leaves the gate open to the pig pen. The pigs decide to take a tour of the farm house while everyone else is outside working. After the story we sang "Mother Goony Bird" by Dr. Jean & Friends. For our second story this morning a did a retelling of

The Three Little Pigs using a storytelling wheel. Those who new the story said some of the repeating lines with me. After the story I had the children pretend to be the big bad wolves and had them blow down the little pigs houses. Our last story today was about real pigs.

Pig by Mary Ling This book takes you through the first year and a half of a pigs life. After the story we headed to the tables to make our craft. The craft today was turning the letter P into a pig.  There will be no story hour next week because of spring break.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian