Q is for Quiet

We had sixteen children and six adults attend story hour today. It was great seeing everyone again after a two week break. Our theme today was Q is for Quiet. Our first story was

The Very Quiet Cricket by Eric Carle This story is about a baby cricket who wants to talk to the other insects, but can't make a noise. Will the baby cricket find his voice? After the story we practiced being loud and being quiet. We stomped and clapped loudly and then made no sound as we nodded, clapped, and tapped our laps. We were then ready for our next story

Quiet Loud by Leslie Patricelli This book contrast things that are quiet with things that are loud. I would whisper the quiet things and the kids would help me with the loud things. After the story we brought out the shakers and practiced using them loudly and quietly. Then we clapped, stomped, and slapped our knees quietly and loudly. Our last story today was

The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood By this time some of the kids were done being quiet, but we made it through the story about all things that are quiet. Our craft today was turning the letter Q into a Queen. Next weeks theme is R is for robot.

Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian