We had 7 children and 6 adults at story hour today. I started by asking the kids if they had ever saw a rainbow. The answer was no! I said they will have to keep a look out as we are headed into Spring. Our first story today was

Little Cloud by Eric Carle This story is about a little cloud that turns into many things before joining a group of clouds and raining. After the story, I had the kids gather around the table and we did a little science experiment. I had a pie tin with milk that I dropped some food coloring into. I then used some "magic potion" to make the colors swirl together. The result is an exploding rainbow! Next we did a song called "Little Rain Drops Falling Down." Our next story was

What Makes a Rainbow by Betty Schwartz In this book the children learn about what colors make up a rainbow. I than played the song "Rainbow Ribbon Dancing" by Sing and Grow Australia. We used the rainbow ribbons to dance to this song. Our last story for today was

A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman This story is about a little boy who wants a rainbow of his very own to play with. Our craft today was to make our own rainbows. Next weeks theme is Spring!

Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian