Spring had Sprung

We had 10 children and 4 adults for our story hour on Spring. I started by asking the kids if they were ready for Spring. The all were very excited about Spring. Our first story was

Pooh's Favorite Things About Spring by Kathleen Zoehfeld This story follows Pooh as her journey's to the honey tree to refill his honey pot. Along the way Pooh takes rests to enjoy spring. After the story we sang a song called "The Rain is Falling Down." We sang through this song several times to allow the kids to get their wiggles out. Our next story was

I See Spring by Charles Ghigna This book tells all about the different things you see when Winter turns to Spring. Such as the trees putting on leaves and the birds singing. After the story we said a rhyme about the wind. We ran through the rhyme a couple times before reading our last book

Little Blue Trucks Springtime by Alice Schertle Little Blue Truck books are some of my favorite books to read. This one is about all the new baby animals that are born in the springtime. After the story we headed to the tables to make our craft. The craft today was a kite. Next weeks theme is Gardens.

Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian