T is for Trains

We had 20 children and 10 adults attend story hour this morning. Today's letter was the letter T for trains! Our first story today was

Steam Train Dream Train by Sherri Rinker In this story we watch the train workers load up a train with different things and then chug off into the night. After the story, we got to pretend to be a train. I handed out different colored tickets to all the children. Then I called up one color at a time to form a line behind me. We then pretended to be a train chugging around the children's space. They all seemed to enjoy it even though we had some with bewildered looks on their faces! I had to do a little hand rhyme to get the children settled back down for our next story.

Inside Freight Train by Donald Crews I Like this store because the pages slide a part to reveal whats inside the train cars. After the story we did a magnetic activity. I had a train up on the magnet board and the children helped me sort what things went with each train car. For example, a cow goes in the cattle car and coal goes in the tender. We ran out of time for the last book, so we went straight to our craft after the activity. We turned the letter T into a railroad and placed a train on top. Next weeks theme is U is for underwear.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian