Toys, Toys, Toys

We had 13 children and 7 adults at story hour this morning. Our theme today was toys. I started out by asking the children if they had made their Christmas lists and what kinds of toys they had put on their list. Our first story was

I Know a Rhino by Charles Fuge  This story is about a little girl who has a big imagination when she plays with her stuffed animals. After the story we jumped right into the next which was

Where Can it Be? by Ann Jonas  This book is a kind of like a lift the flap book but not quite. It is about a little boy who has lost his blanket. He goes in search of it throughout the house. After the story we sang a song called "Holiday Dreams." The song is about children sleeping and knowing that Santa will be coming soon.  Our next story today was

Too Many Toys by David Shannon The parents/caregivers enjoyed this book because it is all about the struggles a parent faces when their child collects to many toys and doesn't want to part with any of them. A battle is waged, a battle is won, and the child plays with the box because boxes are toys too! After the story we did a fun little action rhyme called "Wake-up Jack-in-the-Box." We then did the "Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear" chant to settle the kids back down for our last story

My Friend Rabbit by Eric Rohmann In this story rabbit accidentally gets mouses toy airplane stuck in a tree and he gets it down in a most unusually way. Our craft today was to make foam airplanes that they got to decorate with stickers. The children really had fun with their toy airplanes. Next weeks theme is Santa Claus!


Nicole Oswald
Children's Librarian