W is for Winter

The weather turned cold today, but we still had 20 children and 7 adults at story hour this morning. Our first story this morning was

Winter's Tale by Robert Sabuda The kids loved this pop-up book. The book is about different animals you might find on a winter walk and what they are doing. After the story, we sang "Snowflake, Snowflake" by H.U.M. We used square pieces of sheer fabric as our snowflakes and danced around the room.  Our next story was

Under My Hood I Have a Hat by Karla Kuskin This story is about all the clothing that we must wear during the winter. After the story we sang "Winter Hokey Pokey." We put our mittens, boots, hats, and coats in and out. Our last story of the day was

A Little Bit of Winter by Paul Stewart This story is about two friends. Hedgehog wants his friend Rabbit to save a little bit of winter, so that he might know what its like. Rabbit rolls up a big snowball and saves it in his burrow until spring. When Hedgehog wakes up in the spring Rabbit brings out the bog snowball which is now a small one. Hedgehog gets to feel and see what winter is like. For our craft today we stuck snowflake stickers over a cut out W. Next weeks theme is S is for Snowmen.


Nicole Oswald

Children's Librarian