Fun Facts

Little tidbits to increase your knowledge

Fun Facts and Interesting Implications

  • Only naturally soft water in Iowa - within a few miles outside of Manson and the water changes from soft to hard.
  • High Fluoride content in water turns teeth brown - was once a problem but a water purification system was put in place and it is no longer any issue. 
  • Extremely high salt content in water - was not an issue for townspeople in comparison to the fluoride although increased salt intake is known for high blood pressure and heart disease.  The high salt content was removed in the purification system as well.
  • In 1905 everyone knew Manson was special - the townspeople found out through drilling a well.  The wells in Manson have to be drilled to 1200 feet while the norm for wells is 300-400 feet.
  • Possibly the reason for the dinosaur extinction - Before better testing was available is was widely thought that the meteor that struck this area caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.  It is now known that the meteor that struck current day Manson, IA happened 20 million years before the dinosaurs became extinct.  But this meteor definitely killed every living thing in what is current day Iowa including the dinosaurs.