Fines & Overdue Fees

A description of Fines and Overdue Fees


Fine amounts for library materials:


  • A fine of $.05 per day, with a three (3) day grace period, is assessed on all overdue library materials, excluding videotapes.


  • A fine of $1.00 per day, with no grace period, is assessed on all overdue videotapes.       


Lost or damaged materials must be promptly adjusted.

Overdue Rules and Fees:

In an effort to get library materials returned:

  • Telephone calls are attempted after materials are overdue for 1 to 3 weeks.  Email may also be used to contact people.
  •  Overdue materials may only be renewed one time.
  • After several attempts to contact the borrower by phone or one month past the due date, a printed overdue notice is sent. This notice is generated by the library’s automation system.
  • This notice will be mailed in a sealed envelope, addressed to the person whose card the materials are checked out on, even if a minor. It will indicate the title(s) of the material(s) overdue as well as a statement that asks that the material(s) be returned by a specific date (one week) or the patron will be billed for the replacement costs (the current retail cost of the material plus a $2.00 processing fee for each item). The retail cost will be determined from standard purchasing sources; such as Book in Print or an online bookstores (ex:, or the price listed in the material’s record at the library. If no cost information is available, the charges will be $20.00 for a hardcover edition and $8.00 for a paperback, plus the $2.00 processing fee.
  • If no response, a second overdue notice will be sent.
  • If all of these methods to get the materials returned fail or two months from the overdue date, a letter will be sent that explains library privileges have been suspended and a bill for the materials will be attached.  A “proof of mailing” receipt will be purchased from the post office for this notice.
  • Bills in excess of $50.00 will indicate that criminal action is an option at this time.  The local police department can be contacted to assist in the retrieval of material(s), if necessary.
  • The library will then decide whether to pursue criminal/legal action against  the patron. The Code of Iowa states that after two months, or more, criminal action may be taken (Sec. 714.5) for any material(s) not returned to the library. (See attached copy of Code of Iowa, section 714.5 and 808.12)



    Library privileges will be suspended for any individual with materials that have been overdue for longer than two (2) months or who has fines in excess of $3.00 that have been past due for at least three (3) months. Suspended privileges includes computer use as well as borrowing materials from the library. Privileges will be reinstated once the materials have been returned and/or the fines have been paid. Check outs will be limited to 1 item until a good standing is reestablished.