Proctoring Service

This service will be provided to meet the needs of students at institutions of higher learning. It is based on the availability of personnel, facilities, and technology. The following conditions must be met for each proctoring session:

1. The student shall ask the library director to proctor an exam. A mutually agreeable time should be worked out between the student and director. The end time limit for the test shall be at least 30 minutes prior to library closing time.

2. It shall be the student’s responsibility to arrange delivery of the exam and instructions to the library prior to the arranged test time. The student shall call to confirm test arrival prior to test time.

3. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm that the library’s technological and environmental resources are adequate for the testing needs.

4. The student will be required to show a valid photo ID at the time of the exam.

5. The Student is responsible for the return postage or FAX costs if a self-addressed envelope is not included.

6. During testing, the librarian will observe the student while completing other library tasks and assisting patrons. The library will not be able to provide a proctor who provides constant uninterrupted observation.

7. If the proctor must leave while the test is in process, another librarian may accept the proctoring duty. Therefore, the student may return the completed test to a different librarian if necessary.

8. The library is not responsible if the institution’s website or email is not working.

9. The library is not responsible for exams that are lost electronically or by the postal system.

10.The library will not keep copies of completed exams.

11.The library may refuse to proctor an exam if it will not work with the staffing schedule or the needs of the library.