Use a computer

In response to advances in technology and the changing needs of the community, the Manson Public Library endeavors to develop collections, resources and services that meet the cultural, informational, recreational and educational needs of the Manson community. It is within this context that the Manson Public Library offers access to the Internet.

The Manson Public Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and cannot be held responsible for its content. The Internet is a global entity with a highly diverse user population. Library patrons use it at their own risk.

Facts to Know:

  • 6 computers are available for public use
  • The Manson Public Library provides free wireless (“wi-fi”) access for patrons through its Internet connection.  All library policies concerning legal and acceptable use of computers and the Internet, as well as library conduct  policies, apply to patrons using the library’s Internet connection.  No printing from wireless connection.
  • Use of the library’s computers is on a walk-in basis. Time limit on these computers is 30 minutes if another person is waiting.
  • All persons using the Internet must sign a User Agreement Card.
  • Patrons are expected to be knowledgeable in basic computer operations. Library staff does not offer individual instruction.
  • Personal software programs may not be installed on the library’s computers. Files may not be downloaded. The library does not allow FTP (file transfer protocol). Changes may not be made to the setup or configuration of the software or hardware.
  • Printing of information is a fee-based service allowed through the Library’s network only. 

All Internet resources accessible through the Library are provided equally to all library users.

  • All Library Internet users must sign a user agreement card. All persons under 17 years of age must have their card signed by a parent/guardian. Parent and guardians, not the Library staff, are responsible for the Internet information selected and/or accessed by their children - and only their children- from the Internet resources accessible through the Library. Parents are advised, but not required, to supervise their children's Internet sessions. Children who use the Internet unsupervised may be exposed to inappropriate or disturbing information and images.
  • The library prohibits any use of library equipment to access material that is obscene, child pornography or in any manner deemed "harmful to minors"; consistent with any state or local laws. The internet is not to be used for unethical, unauthorized or illegal purposes. Internet use to obtain criminally violent, classified, or pornographic information is expressly forbidden. Respecting these principles will help keep this resource available to the community. No one may send, receive or display text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene. Library staff will have final authority in judging the nature of a site. If caught purposely browsing a pornography, hate or violence related site, individuals must immediately close the Internet and leave the workstation.
  •  Not all sources on the Internet provide accurate, complete or current information.  It is your responsibility to judge the validity of the information you find.
  • The Manson Public Library cannot guarantee confidentiality over the Internet.
  •  The Manson Public Library does not censor your access to materials or protect you from information you find offensive. There is material and other information resources that you may personally find controversial or inappropriate on the Internet.
  • It is the policy of the Manson Public Library to comply with the United States copyright law, and other federal and state laws relating to the use of the Internet.